American Croatian Business Association

Empowering Croatian Business Excellence: The Story of ACBA

At ACBA, we stand as a beacon of Croatian entrepreneurial spirit, fostering solidarity and prosperity within our community.

who are we?

ACBA: Empowering Croatian-American Business Success.

Established in 1983, we’re the hub for professionals and businesses alike, fostering growth, collaboration, and cultural pride.

We are more than just an association – we are a vibrant network of individuals dedicated to fostering success, collaboration, and growth. From humble beginnings to thriving enterprises, our members represent the best of Croatian heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

Join us in shaping the future of Croatian entrepreneurship.

Our history

Our timeline

ACBA is established as a non-profit corporation
Leadership transitions every two years, with new and younger members stepping up
A.J. Medic serves as the President of ACBA
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Our vision

ACBA aims to drive the success of Croatian business professionals globally

We envision a thriving community through innovation and support

Our commitment to excellence guides us towards a brighter future

We foster leadership, knowledge-sharing, and growth opportunities

Empowering Croatian businesses is our mission.

Together, we make lasting contributions to society

Our mission

Our mission at ACBA is to empower Croatian business professionals and entrepreneurs

We strive to foster a supportive environment for growth and success

Through collaboration and dedication, we aim to advance our community

ACBA is committed to promoting excellence in all endeavors

We work tirelessly to provide resources and opportunities for growth

Together, we shape the future of Croatian business

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